Offered Exclusively By CaptionLabs

The transition from analog Betacam to digital HD is now easy! With StationDrop, full-length television programming is delivered to the station quickly, securely, and with the highest digital quality. Save money in tape stock, shipping, and expensive repairs or replacement of tape machines. Plus, you'll never worry about shipping delays or lost packages again.

Export your mastered program from your edit system timeline.

Drop the mastered program file onto the StationDrop icon.
Your file will be transferred securely over the Internet using proprietary file-transfer acceleration.

Drop your closed caption file onto the StationDrop icon, or let our closed captioning team create the captions for you. The choice is yours.

We take care of the rest! Your program is delivered to the station for broadcast.

Because of high demand, StationDrop is currently offered with limited availability. Sign up today for your exclusive chance to begin using StationDrop before it is released to the public.